Achilles and the Tortoise.

Achilles and the Tortoise

This #SandMapping algorithm is inspired by one of Zeno’s paradoxes: Achilles and the Tortoise.

It was made at the Gershwinsquare in Amsterdam on april 28 2013.

Achilles-Gershwin square Amsterdam

More pictures of this piece will be posted online soon.

With special thanks to Simone Munao (PhD Mathematics at VU Amsterdam) and Patrick Hafkenscheid (PhD Mathematics candidate at VU Amsterdam.)

  1. Pick any two objects that you want to connect.
  2. Use a rope to create a straight line between the two objects.
  3. Determine the middle of the rope length use this spot as the center of you first circle
  4. Divide the rope again in two so you know 1/4 of the total length. This is the radius (rope length) which witch you draw the first circle. Draw this circle.
  5. Divide the rope again in two so is has the length 1/8 of the total length
  6. Use the two intersections between the straight line (between the objects) and the first circle as the center point of two new circles.
  7. Continue this way infinite. You will never really reach the trees, but the drawing will clearly show the intention of the draftsman.

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