About #SandMapping


#SandMapping takes place in public spaces and on the Internet.
Anyone can join, everywhere and always!

#SandMapping comprises of creating and photographing circular drawings with sand, using a PET (plastic) bottle filled with sand tied to a piece of rope.

The effect is magical: Any place you create a #SandMapping the entire atmosphere changes.

Drawing the sand circles in public space feels somewhat unlawful, because you make an addition to the place that wasn’t asked for. But at the same time, you only use sand so why would it be a problem?

A #Sand Mapping is very photogenic and easy to capture.
Eventually all SandMappings appear online thanks to the #.
The collection #SandMappings increases.

The recipe:
1 Take a bottle, a rope and sand.
2. Create a #SandMapping
3. Post a photo or movie on your own favorite social media
4. Add the tag #SandMapping

Your circle will now immediately be part of the world-wide network of #SandMapping. Please do feel inspired make a #SandMapping anytime. The circles will spread like a desert all around the world!

Spring 2013 the #SandMappings activity will sky-rocket in the Amsterdam South neighborhood, with a lot of activities that will be announced here, on this blog. Afterwards you’ll be able to see the results here as well.

Creative Commons-Licentie
#Sandmapping is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
Based on  www.sandmapping.wordpress.com.


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