130711 Once I experienced that the joy of photographing my own #SandMapping was totally overruled by the joy of seeing somebody totally strange spontaneously taking pictures of the #SandMapping I just made.

130703 It is the circle of sand itself that is #SandMappings drawing tool, not the bottle or the rope.

130702 If you use another person to be the temporary centre point of the #SandMapping circles, you need an algorithm, an additional rule set, a special feature, to make the #SandMapping relate to that specific space. Otherwise it is a drawing in sand circles that could be made anywhere, even on a piece of paper.

130601 A genuine #SandMapping alters the experience of its location, what is the point otherwise.

130510 #SandMapping creates a situation where people wonder about each other’s actions.

130505  #Sandmapping can be approached in two different ways: either you go to a location and react spontaneous to it, or you go to a location with a pre conceptualized plan, an algorithm, that you execute in that location. What I like about the algorithmic approach is that each location generates its own #SandMapping


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